South Koreans Protest North Korea Missile Launch

And the missile launch is leading to protests in the South. People at a rally say the launch could pose a threat to South Koreas security.
Around a hundred South Korean protesters rallied on Sunday against North Korea's recent missile launch.
The protest leader says North Koreas military policy is a security threat for South Korea.

[Kim Jin-chul, Protest Leader]: (unknown gender, Korean)
"Kim Jong-il's communist regime tested nuclear weapons and launched a missile, which is the most threatening action against South Korea's security. We South Koreans should denounce Kim Jong-il's 'military first' policy.
Earlier in the day, a dozen pro-North Korea supporters rallied in front of Seoul's foreign ministry.
North Koreas state run media says Sundays launch was a success, but the U.S. and South Korean officials say its not so.
The United States, South Korea, and Japan are pushing for U.N. sanctions for the launch. They say the move violates a U.N. resolution that bans ballistic missile tests.

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